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Welcome, ladies, to the music of David Shelby– a unique blend of rock n’ roll and deep country twang, which he calls Rust Belt Country. Musician, songwriter, and singer, with classic good looks to boot, this guy has it going on!

Though he may be new to stardom, Shelby (AGE ?) has been in the music business for several years, collecting stories and experience along the way. I was lucky enough to hear some of his tales when I interviewed the young artist while he was in town for a showcase promoting his debut CD, Rust Belt Cowboy.

I learned that the artist is proficient on the accordion, trumpet, piano, and guitar, and he has serious vocal skill! A love for singing and for song started at a young age for Shelby, who grew up in a music-loving home.

“My first instrument was the accordion, because my heritage was Polish and Russian and my dad played one. I hated it, but eventually I just learned it. And then the trumpet, I started that in grade school. In high school I got more involved in music and that’s when I started playing guitar more, and in college you have to take piano courses. College really is where you touch a little bit of everything,” Shelby told me. The young artist possesses talent in several genres, and even got through college on a trumpet scholarship!

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