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VIDEO – Coffee

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How do you take your coffee? Because of the popularity of our Islands In The Stream cover, Dani Vitany and I recorded an original duet. This one is based off a cheesy pickup line…but maybe it worked? Watch our music video for Coffee and find out! WATCH FULL VIDEO: Facebook | YouTube

VIDEO – Gigs (S3, Ep4)

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Had a blast filming this with my friend/co-writer Frankie Jason Turner. He has a YouTube series called GIGS about a producer and the musicians he comes in contact with, and I got to act in Season 3 as Bradley Tex! When you watch, remember, I have no acting training –[…]

VIDEO – I Drank Today

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Check out the video for I Drank Today, with people drinking all over the globe (including Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani!). I was happy to be part of this song with my friend Stephen Clark. Share it around, it’s a great quarantine song! WATCH FULL VIDEO HERE – Facebook FROM[…]