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WYCD – David Shelby And Rob Stone Rock Together In Caseville!

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Posted by Rob Stone:

If you’re a country music fan from Michigan, you know exactly who David Shelby is. He’s been playing shows and rocking crowds for years and most recently he played the main stage at this years Downtown Hoedown. Dave played one of the first Thursday Night Live events I ever hosted at 99.5 WYCD and we’ve been friends ever since.

Last Friday I got a call from Dave that surprised me. He said, “Hey man if you’re not busy tomorrow I’d like to see if you’d be interested in playing guitar with us for a gig in Caseville for Ribfest!” I was excited and nervous at the request, but Dave assured me I’d be fine. We’ve played some guitar together before, but I’ve never really got up and played a real show before. Dave couldn’t believe I was nervous about jumping on stage and rockin’ with the band for a few hours since I’m in front of crowds all the time. I said, “this is a different story dude. I can talk in front of people all day, but playing guitar with no rehearsal scares me!”

Despite my fears I decided to hit the road and head to Caseville directly following a golf outing I had Saturday morning. I made it to Caseville just in time to shower and strum a couple chords with Nick who is the bass player for the band. I have to thank Nick a ton for helping me out on stage as he hollered out chords to songs I didn’t know how to play. After the first song the nerves went away and David, Chris (keyboards) Steve (lead guitar) Clint (drums) Nick (bass guitar) and I were all having a blast jammin’ together for an awesome crowd on a gorgeous summer night. I also have to thank Brian (rhythm guitar) for letting me fill in for him as he was unable to make the trip.

READ MORE: http://wycd.cbslocal.com/2013/06/26/david-shelby-and-rob-stone-rock-together-in-caseville/

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