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98.1 The Hawk – HAWK Talent Series – David Shelby [VIDEO]

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I want to introduce you to David Shelby. This Detroit born singer/songwriter is much like a finely manufactured automobile, David “delivers” with lyrical precision and production polish when he sings songs from his brand new EP called “Oh Yeah.”

“I really am a product of my upbringing. We’ve [Detroit] suffered a life threatening and paralyzing heart attack, rebuilt and restructured, and we’re a community that has learned to live and thrive. Detroit is a melting pot of cultures and mechanics and I’m the porridge! We like our beer cold and our cars hot; we’re Blue Collar workers who play hard and have a soft spot in our big industrial heart for country music. My surroundings have helped me to relate to, and understand, an international spectrum of personalities and depth of emotions that, in turn, enable me to perform on a level seated right next to the listener. My job, now, is to get them up and outta those seats!”

David Shelby may be a new name to you but he’s far from being new at his craft.  David plays the trumpet and was raised on playing the accordion.  He also is proficient on the guitar and piano.

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