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Songwriter from metro Detroit talks about Kid Rock’s newest song Podunk

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Posted By: Stephen Clark , WXYZ Channel 7 Detroit

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WXYZ) – Kid Rock announced last week he’s considering making a run for the US Senate. If his latest music video is any hint, then a campaign is already a done deal.

Podunk is a fun but edgy anthem saluting the people credited with shaking up the last presidential election.

The casting call for the video described the characters like this: “A variety of extreme character types – ‘rednecks’, ‘hillbillies’, “white trash”, “people of Walmart types” – crazy, fun, characters who aren’t afraid to get up to all kinds of no good and do odd off the wall activities.”

The song was written a few years ago by Nashville songwriters Tony Haselden, John Ozier and Walker Hayes. But Kid Rock’s version borrows heavily from a version recorded by David Shelby, a touring Nashville performer who grew up in Clinton Township.

“Oh I’ve been a fan from the start.” Shelby says of Kid Rock adding that he’s honored an artist of Rock’s stature choose to cover his version of Podunk.

“Frankly I thought the song needed someone like that to take it to the next level and when I found out Kid Rock was doing a version of it I was like ‘its perfect’”.

Podunk would also make the perfect anthem for a Kid Rock campaign says Shelby.

“To have somebody celebrate that lifestyle and say hey this is cool. You don’t have to like us because we don’t really care, that’s kind if what the song is all about. It may be a little backwards to some people but you know what…you don’t have to like us.”

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