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FB Live – Show Cancellations, BTS…

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All right, I got one person there, too. All right, I’m gonna get this thing started because it’ll be posted afterwards but hey Alan How you doing buddy. Well, doing the inevitable video that unfortunately all my musician friends have been having to do, is that for the foreseeable future, all shows have been postponed and or cancelled, but once we get through this we’ll reassess and find out what’s going on and get back out on the road but other than that I’m just hunkered down in the studio, trying to make some music for y’all. So, see we got about eight people. How’s everybody doing out there?  How are you staying safe? How are you passing the time? I guess is the best way… hi Dorothy. How you doing? Hey Janie.  Yeah, I know. I got the sad face gone it’s pretty incredible isn’t it everything going on. But the good news is I plan on doing some special stuff to post some special videos for y’all.  Look for that starting tomorrow. Hey Dan. I hope you’re well. Everybody watching, I hope everybody’s staying safe again sorry about the show cancellations. We haven’t been back to Pittsburgh in quite a while. And we were really looking forward to a …  And, unfortunately, we’re just trying to keep everybody safe just like everybody else in the world so other than that. What’s everybody up to?  What are they doing? Come on, throw it at me. By the way, a great way to support local musicians during this rough time. I know a lot of people are having online acoustic pop up concerts and stuff like that so give them a listen as well. Doesn’t help their pocketbook unfortunately for those who depend on making a living for it but, you know, show your support anyway. Yeah. A lot of people out of work right now and I think we’re all going a little crazy but all doing the best we can, when everybody’s stay safe out there as well. So, good news is hunkered in the bunker here and it kind of lends itself to making some new music so that’s what I’m working on. Alan, how bad Did it hurt you, buddy, if you’re still watching. But other than that, you know, status quo here, just fridge’s stocked bar’s stocked. We’re ready to hunker down. And I … Another thing on behalf of myself.  Oh wow we got Corpus Christi, Texas. Diane watching … thanks for tuning in. Really appreciate it, hope to get down there soon. Yeah, on behalf of the band (myself, Joey, Justin and Dwayne) we really appreciate everybody supporting the shows that we’ve played obviously and we just released a single not too long ago on Spotify, which is called … Sorry guys I’m reading here at the same time. Hi Jamie. party at your place? Yeah, we’re pretty good, pretty well stocked here so yeah we’ll be doing it. Hey Mike, how you doing buddy? It’s been a while. We do have some pretty cool stuff coming up. I’ll give you guys a little preview here.  This, this will be pretty cool. Excuse the mess right now but we are actually… here let me turn on some lights. I’ll flip this around. We’re actually building a little set here. We got some things planned in the studio. So, got the cameras ready. We’re getting ready to do some fun stuff. Give you guys just a little, little hint about what’s coming. [shows sign] You’ll learn more about that later, but that’s still few days away. But other than that, That’s what we’re doing here at the house. I know, yeah, there should be a lot of great music and a lot of great songs written here in the next couple of weeks, a lot of musicians are gonna be be writing some songs I’m sure so anyway I hope everybody’s staying safe. Again, you know, we do have a new single out it’s on Spotify called two steps back (TAKE ONE BACK) so please please please [listen]. You know, that’s one way you can support all these artists that are currently out of work is by going to their Spotify. And, you know, checking them out streaming their music, what little we do make we do make some money on the stream so if you haven’t checked this out yet, all of our stuff is on Spotify or Pandora. You can buy the stuff on iTunes, all that kind of good stuff. While you’re waiting for us to come to your town which hopefully after we all get through this together. We can meet and drink will be on me. So, anyway, I just wanted to check in with everybody say hello hi. [sorry] this was a little rambley but I wasn’t really prepared for it but I just wanted to say. Again, I apologize that the concerts season is off to a rough start with all these postponements and cancellations so just keep an eye on the Facebook page and website, and you’ll be able to touch base and look for some new video content that’s gonna start being posted tomorrow. Other than that, man I hope everybody stay safe. Have a great day. Have a great night. and other than that. We’ll talk to y’all soon. Bye bye.


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