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A Simple Thank You and Some Exciting News

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A simple thank you to Country Rebel and everyone who checked out our music -plus- some exciting plans!

Transcription from Video

Dani: Hey everyone, I’m Dani Vitani,

David: and David Shelby here. Hey, we want to give a shout out to Country Rebel on Facebook. They debuted our islands in the stream acoustic video last week, and in less than a week, it got over a half million views.

Dani: and there’s no way we could have reached those numbers without your help. So thank you to everyone who shared, commented, and liked the video. We are so grateful. Thank you so much.

David: As a matter of fact tomorrow, around 1:30 Eastern Country Rebel will be posting another one of our acoustic videos we did specifically for them, of our song you and me so be sure to check that out tomorrow.

Dani: And check out country rebels clothing line, they’ve got something for everyone. You’re going to love it, check it out.

David: This morning we happened to have a look and we totaled up all the views of all of our duet videos that we’ve done and right now, between Islands Industry, coffee, you and me, Endless Love, we are up to 2,290,000 views in total on Facebook alone, so everybody thank you so much for supporting our little project and we were just having fun to tell you the truth.

Dani: Yes, but we are so grateful we had all of your help and support we love you guys so much.

David: Now some exciting news. Based on the reaction that everybody’s given so far on the duets, we have committed to go into the studio and do a brand new EP as a duet together. So, we’re looking forward to that. We got some new songs coming out, we’re gonna be posting a lot more, maybe some Facebook Live stuff so y’all keep a lookout. And once again, thank you all for your support and we will talk to you real soon.


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