1. You and Me are Still You and Me

  2. Endless Love (Luther Vandross and Maria…

  3. Coffee -Duet with Dani Vitany

  4. Islands In The Stream (Kenny Rogers & Dolly

  5. God Bless Us All – Greg Stryker, David Shelby,

  6. You Don’t Know Me (Ray Charles Cover)

  7. Come Around (Facebook Live Concert)

  8. Back To Us

  9. Boy Wonder

  10. David Shelby “Back to Us” – Story Behind…

  11. Ed Sheeran- Thinking Out Loud (Cover)

  12. Bruno Mars – When I Was Your Man (cover)

  13. Who Da Baby Daddy – David Shelby

  14. David Shelby – OH YEAH Lyric Video

  15. “A Prayer For the Broken” by David Shelby

  16. Podunk Lyric Video – David Shelby